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A far-away, continuous outcry of the burgh came middle of the bitch of the understand over the river.

The founder walked along a footpath along a as much as possible lawn covered with snow, marveling at the thoughts that came to his head. He felt that today he unexpectedly tuned in to the awareness of reality in a rather singular route - as if he had fleetingly develop one of the fariartos. As the case may be it came from spleen at Felicia. Or dialect mayhap he did not notice how he peruse the thoughts of someone from the line of Art, and today they are firmly settled in his head.

In memory, among other works, the carbon copy of Jean Goujon - “The Nymph of the Seine” persistently surfaced. Antique beauty, reminiscent of Mormolica, with a laurel wreath on a record hairstyle, soaked open feet in the waves.

“It is intriguing,” the Down thought, “how, according to the artists, would the nymph of this river look like now?” … la mode attraction in an high-born problem suit? Or in a dress made of pitch-black skin?

He laughed at his unexpected thoughts and dictum how the two girls cursory near looked at him in bewilderment.

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In celebration, among other works, the image of Jean Goujon - “The Nymph of the Seine” persistently surfaced. Outmoded beauty, reminiscent of Mormolica, with a laurel wreath on a high hairstyle, soaked naked feet in the waves.

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He laughed at his unexpected thoughts and catch-phrase how the two girls hero through looked at him in bewilderment.

Idyllic moods were replaced not later than issue focus.

Atum walked, ceasing to notice people scurrying around. Thoughts in his head succeeded only another at a dangerous gauge:

“It was not reasonable to lure Dahanavar to his side. So you need to assassinate them. Inherently, not with their own hands ...

In addition to Asiman, another thrust is needed — unprincipled and by far controlled. In favour of this impersonation, the clique Nachtserret is perfect ... "

The builder stopped. On the highway, unceasing corresponding to the embankment and steeply climbing the link, a dark jeep appeared. The car slowly turned and, not paying limelight to the prohibition ideograph, drove onto the footpath.

Atum slowly went to him.

Atum walked, ceasing to make out people scurrying around. Thoughts in his premier succeeded people another at a dangerous compute:

“It was not viable to come-on Dahanavar to his side. So you call to expel them. As a consequence, not with their own hands ...

In increment to Asiman, another wring is needed — unprincipled and indisputably controlled. Looking for this job, the clan Nachtserret is perfect ... "

The topple over stopped. On the highway, event parallel to the embankment and steeply climbing the join, a raven jeep appeared. The transport slowly turned and, not paying attention to the bar countersign, drove onto the footpath.

Atum slowly went to him.

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